WhatsApp to Rollout ‘Vacation Mode’ Feature For iOS and Android Users

WhatsApp to Rollout ‘Vacation Mode’ Feature For iOS and Android Users

As per the reports, WhatsApp has started actively working on a new feature ‘Vacation mode’ for iOS and Android users.

WhatsApp is actively working on a ‘Vacation Mode’ feature to bring users the ability to keep archived chat in the archive even when a new message received. This new feature, as indicated, will allow users of iOS and Android to keep chats in the Archive when a new message received.

Prior to this, reports of last month revealed that the Facebook-owned instant messaging app has decided not to release the feature after developing the feature for about 2 years. But now the latest report has revealed about to roll out a new feature soon.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has resumed work on the Vacation Mode feature including various improvements, The developments were spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android This feature was earlier called ‘Ignore Archived Chats’.

According to the evolving feature, users will be able to completely ignore archived chats. Currently, at the bottom of WhatsApp, there is a folder of archive chats. However, whenever new messages arrive in the archive chat, it pops up at the top. That ends the purpose of archiving chats. The archive chat can be hidden after the arrival of vacation mode.

WhatsApp has restarted working on the ‘Vacation Mode’ feature to bring a major change. According to the screenshots shared by the blog site, there will now be a separate section for archive chats which will be present in the chat window at the top. When users click on the Archived Chats section, they will see all their archived chats with the notification button. With this notification button, users will be able to customize the section according to their needs.

Currently, there are two toggle buttons in the notifications section. The first button is for ‘notifying the new message’. With this, users will get information on getting a new message in their archive chats. By disabling this button, the archive chats will be completely hidden. The other button is ‘Auto Hide Inactive Chats’. This button will automatically archive the chat if there is no activity in the chat for 6 months. This feature is under development so still not enabled for users.

Although it is not clear when WhatsApp officially will roll out the new feature, the messaging app has been implementing the presentation banner. This hints that the launch could be imminent.

Prior to this, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature Disappearing Messages, which is currently under development, WhatsApp announces the feature to come to iOS, Android, KaiOS, and Web/Desktop at least in a hidden part of the website.

Once the Disappearing Messages feature enabled, all new messages of your individual or group chats will automatically disappear after a certain amount of time. You can decide where to enable Disappearing Messages: it means the option won’t be enabled globally in all your chats, but you have the control over where to enable it.

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