Bangladeshi Nationals deported back to homeland.

Bangladeshi Nationals deported back to homeland.

On Monday the Assam Government deported 42 Bangladeshi Nationals. There were 9 women and 33 male members. They entered the porous and most-populous north-eastern state and were living illegally.

All 42 people were handed over to the Bangladeshi authorities at Sutarkandi international border between India and the neighboring country.

These nationals from Bangladesh were arrested from various parts of Assam like Cachar, Guwahati, South Salmara, Karimganj, Sivasragar, Sonitpur, Kabri Anglong  and Dima Hasao.

Karimganj District Superintendent of Police Mayank Kumar said they are coming from nine districts of assam.

These Bangladeshi Nationals were living illegaly at different detention centres in the state for the past two to three years.

Apart from this, 50 Bangladeshi Nationals were deported back to Bangladesh last year.

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