Kerala Congress Chief slammed for passing a controversial statement against rape survivors

Kerala Congress Chief slammed for passing a controversial statement against rape survivors

On November 1, Sunday, the Kerala Congress Chief Mullappally Ramachandran made an intransigent remark against rape survivors. He was rolled into a major controversy after his this action.

A letter was sent to the city police commissioner last year which stated the corruption and sexual assault by many UDF leaders. Kerala police soon filed an FIR on the basis of that complaint. The FIR was filed against three Congress legislators from the state – Hibi Eden, Adoor Prakash and AP Anil Kumar. The letter also included the name of former Chief Minister Oomen Chandy. A recent accusation of rape by another minister has been filed by the woman.

Mullappally started his speech with an intention to criticize the LDF Government by saying that it was the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s ploy to use a “prostitute” to corner the Congress, he further denounced them for depending on a promiscuit woman to play politics. Continuing with his controversial statement the Kerala Congress Chief said, “If someone says it happened once, it’s understood, but she says everyone raped her. A woman with self-respect would end her life if raped or will try to prevent it from happening again.”

The Kerela Health Miniter Shailaja said, “Rape is the worst & cruelest of crimes in human society. It is not the mistake of the woman who falls prey to such crimes. Mullappally Ramachandran shouldn’t have made such misogynistic statements. Such remarks should widely be condemned.”

She said his remarks reflected his low opinion of women. “He says if women who are raped have self-respect, they will kill themselves. Is rape a woman’s fault? Are women not committing suicide because they lack self-respect? A woman subject to rape is not a criminal. The people committing the rape are the criminals. They must be punished. Women experience great physical and mental trauma. To say that they must kill themselves speaks of a person with a dangerous mind. This is completely wrong,” she added.

Mullappally apologised after his statement ballooned into a controversy.

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