Indian Twitter flooded with memes as Europe faces second Lockdown

Indian Twitter flooded with memes as Europe faces second Lockdown

Lockdown 2 started trending in India on Thursday. Many netizens reckoned that India could be the next one to face another lockdown in case a second wave arrives.

As Europe battles through an even more intense second wave of COVID-19, several nations have considered imposing lockdowns again. With England being the latest to impose a four week national lockdown after France and Germany. However, things took a humourous turn as lockdown 2 started trending on Indian Twitter all throughout Thursday. (Source: IndianExpress)

Not only did the trend come as a shock for several people, but also led to several memes flooding everyone’s timelines. Europe seemed to have a calmer August- September months as India was battling the overwhelming cases of COVID-19 and experiencing a potential peak mid-September. However, Europe now is struggling to contain the virus as the second wave has washed over most of the continent. Recently, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a four week national lockdown in England commencing from Thursday 5th November.

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The reasons of Lockdown 2 trending in India is that several people assert that similar measures may be adopted in India in the near future. A second wave could not be far away from India with the ongoing festivities as well as the arrival of the winter season. Places such as Delhi are seeing a new rise in Infections. However, the government hasn’t announced anything regarding another lockdown. Rather India is currently in the phase of gradual ‘Unlocking’ of the country. Check out the Hilarious memes below.

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