Earth to witness the ‘Blue Moon’ on Halloween Night

Earth to witness the ‘Blue Moon’ on Halloween Night

The Blue Moon will be visible in the night sky from 8:19 PM (IST). However, along with moon, Planet Mars will be seen in the night sky near to the moon as well.

This Halloween night, we will get to experience a magnificent appearance of the Moon. The phenomenon of the Blue Moon is all set to take place on the night of 31st October. From Phrases to Quotes, from Poetry to Romance, the blue moon has managed to capture our minds and now our gazes too.

The Blue Moon will be globally visible in the night skies on 31st October 2020 starting from 8:19 PM (IST). This will also be the second full moon October will experience after the first one witnessed in the intermediate night of 1st and 2nd October. The occurrences of Blue Moons are not so common yet not so rare. Besides that, The Blue Moon will also be joined by another heavenly body- Mars! However, unlike the name, the blue moon won’t actually be blue in colour.

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Blue Moons occur after a period of 30 months. The reason why this happens is due the cycle of the Lunar moths which has a duration of 29 days, 12 hours and 33 seconds. Due to this, the first full moon usually occurs on the first and second days of the month. Blue Moons do occur, however an actual Blue coloured moon is quite a rare phenomenon. It happens due to smoke and atmospheric particulates with a width of more than 900 nanometers. This helps in scattering the red shades and produces a faint yet evident blue glow on the moon’s surface. (Source: IndianExpress)

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