British Royal Family offers housekeeping job at Windsor Castle for Rs 18.5 lakh

British Royal Family offers housekeeping job at Windsor Castle for Rs 18.5 lakh

The British Royal Family is known in the world for its majestic chic. It has again come in the highlight as The British Royal Family is looking for a housekeeping Assistant at Windsor Castle for Rs. 18.5 lakh. The job has been posted on the official website of the Royal Household and the post is listed as a level 2 apprenticeship.

The job description of the Royal Household reads, “The apprenticeship will also involve off-the-job training, supported by a separate learning provider. Following a structured program over 13 months, you’ll gain specialist technical skills that will form the foundations of your housekeeping career, as well as providing you with an understanding of the wider hospitality profession.”

The selected candidate will have training of 13 months. This housekeeper will have to work five days a week and will be discharged for two days. The starting salary during this job will be 19140 British pounds (about 18.5 lakh rupees). Apart from this, accommodation will also be made by the Palace, and travel expenses will also be provided.

The elected housekeeper will also have to work in other palaces of the Royal Family, including Buckingham Palace. Besides weekly off, 33 holidays will be provided throughout the year.

The candidate should be qualified in English and Mathematics. Main task will be to clean the interiors of the palace. However, if the deserving candidate doesn’t have the required qualifications, the royal program will provide support to gain them as part of the apprenticeship. The website reads, ‘You will join our team of housekeeping professionals, ensure the care of the objects inside the palace when you work’.

Whether you’re beginning on a new career or looking to gain skills that will open up new opportunities, what matters most is that you have a genuine interest in developing a career in the housekeeping and hospitality industry. You might have some relevant experience, but this isn’t important as we’ll give you all the training you need. We’re more interested in your commitment to learning new skills, proactive approach, and willingness to tackle new challenges,” reads the ‘About You’ section of the job description page.

The last date to apply is 28 October. This will be followed by virtual interviews of short-listed candidates.

The selected candidate will be trained for 13 months, after which he will be appointed as a permanent employee of the royal family. The 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II has several residences in Great Britain, which is staffed by a large team of housekeepers and cleaning staff. While Queen Elizabeth lives in Buckingham Palace, she has shifted to Windsor Castle during the Covid-19 era.

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