Twitter servers have gone down Globally, many Irked

Twitter servers have gone down Globally, many Irked

Twitter, the blue bird blogging app has been down since Wednesday evening. Several users globally have registered complaints about the website and app not working.

Twitter on Wednesday seemed to have all of its servers crashed. Thousands of users globally complained about the website not loading or displaying tweets. Several parts of the world were upset with the outage including India. From Wednesday evening the problem seemed to begin.

According to the site ‘Is the Service Down,’ the problems began at around 18;10 IST with complaints piling up on the site in a matter of hours. About 62% of the complaints were about the Website being ‘Down”. While the rest were about loading errors and the inability to sign into their Twitter accounts. Twitter is a blogging site with several news, opinions, entertainment, etc. being posted over there.

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Another site called the DownDetector analysed the number of complaints register by Indian Twitter users. According to the site, the issues began at around 8PM with several users not being able to load their homepages. The text “Something went wrong, try again.” kept flashing on the screens of several users. Both the sites offer real time updates and issues of several sites. The Twitter app seemed to be not working as well and showed the same results when one tried to open their profile. (Source: NDTV)

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