Rare Black Panther spotted in India’s wilderness: Twitter goes crazy

Rare Black Panther spotted in India’s wilderness: Twitter goes crazy

The infamous Black Panther was spotted roaming around in a forest by Forest Officials. Due to environmental reasons, its location has no been revealed however, social media can’t seem to get enough of it.

Recently, a video had gone viral on Twitter. Forest officials had tweeted a video of a majestic black panther running around near a street. Social media has since had a meltdown with several people sharing it as well making memes and referencing the black cat to ‘Bagheera’, a fictional black panther from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book.’

Indian Forest Service officer, Parveen Kaswan, the person who posted the original video of the black panther set the internet on fire. In his tweet, he wrote: “The black panther of India. Location will not be revealed.” The video was shared on 24th October and has been trending since then and has also garnered more than 1 million views on Twitter.

Kaswan explained his reason for not disclosing the location: “The idea is not to reveal the exact location. Otherwise, people are aware of where this animal is found,” he typed. This could cause an influx of people to visit the location thus posing a threat to the cat’s habitat.

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Black Panther are not another species but leopards with high amounts of melanin. Sometimes, due to possessing High amounts of Melanin in the body, the leopard turns black in colour. However, this is quite rare of an occurrence and hence Black Panthers need protection. Black Panthers are found in the depths of the forest with the highest concentration of its population mostly in Karnataka.

The video with no definitive showed the cat wandering and running around as the vehicle approached it to grab a rare shot of the animal. Soon after the animal dashes into the lush green forest cover and disappears. Check out the video below. (Due to Twitter being down since 18:12 IST, a youtube link has been attached) (Source: Indian Express)

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