Pakistan’s equations with Saudi Arabia and Iran dicey

Pakistan’s equations with Saudi Arabia and Iran dicey

Pakistan wanted to hold public events on 27 October anniversary of Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to India as a Black Day and as Saudi Arabia and Iran, the Sunni and Shia shoulders of Islam, refused to allow Pakistan missions that signals Pakistan’s shifting equations in West Asia.

According to some personals familiar with the matter, Pakistan embassy in Iran asked Iran to host an event at Tehran University to make it a Black day but Iran refused to organise anything like that. As the embassy later settled for a webinar it clearly shows the eagerness and desperation for failing to garner support.

Similarly, Saudi Arabia also refused the proposal to hold a public event within the Pakistani consulate in Riyadh.

Some individuals also stated that Pakistan’s relations with both the Islamic countries doesn’t have that spark and is a reflection of Pakistan’s equations in the Middle East. It also shows the falling of its partnership with Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is attempting to establish Turkey’s prominence in the Middle East.

Although the Links and partnership could clearly be noticed between Pakistan and Turkey at the Financial Action Task Force plenary session when Ankara was the only one of the 39 members to push hard for keeping Islamabad out of the global terror financing watchdog’s grey list despite its patchy track record.

Notably, Prime Minister Imran Khan Turkey’s Erdogan have been planning to form new radical Islamic axis as opposed to the established Sunni order led by Saudi Arabia and Shia order led by Iran.

This partnership has its downside. Riyadh’s refusal to allow the Kashmir event was one. Saudi Arabia’s decision earlier this year to demand that Islamabad immediately repay a $ 3 billion loan after Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi tried to shame the royal kingdom into holding ministerial-level meet to discuss revocation of Article 370 was another.

Analysts suggest that Turkey’s Erdogan, who is seen to aspire for a leadership role in the Islamic world, too may have punched well above his weight. Turkey has its soldiers fighting in Iraq, Syria and Libya set up a garrison in Qatar, an overseas base in the Somali capital Mogadishu and is seen to challenge the Saudi Arabia-led Arab coalition in Yemen.(Source:Hindustan Times)

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