Is the COVID-19 Vaccine arriving soon? Here’s what Adar Poonawalla says

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine arriving soon? Here’s what Adar Poonawalla says

Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of the Serum Institute of India revealed the COVID-19 vaccine arrival. “That review could take about two-three weeks I imagine and then you can have a vaccine by December,” predicted the CEO.

The CEO of Serum Institute, India(SII) Adar Poonawalla has a probable timeline for the vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine formulated by Oxford is under mass production by SII will probably be ready by December 2020. While the first lot of SII, consisting of 100 million doses could roll out by mid 2021 according to Poonawalla. According to reports by the NDTV, Poonawalla on Wednesday 28th October, had revealed the timeline in which people can most probably expect a vaccine for the ongoing pandemic.

The CEO expressed: “If we don’t go for an emergency license, our trials should be over by December and then we can maybe we can launch in India in January subject to the UK trial also being completed which it’s on the verge on being completed. If the UK in the next two weeks were to unblind their study and share the data and be confident that it’s safe, then we can, after two-three weeks, apply to the Indian regulator to look at a possible emergency license if that’s what the government of India wants.”

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Further speaking about the vaccine he said: “That review could take about two-three weeks I imagine and then you can have a vaccine by December but all these would have to happen and I don’t want to venture a guess whether that would happen or not happen because it’s not my place to do so – that’s for the health ministry officials to decide. “We are aiming for 100 million available doses at first. This should be available by Q2-Q3 of 2021.”

Revealing about how the vaccine will be administered once it’s available to the world he said: “The vaccine, when we have one, will be a two-dose vaccine. The gap between the two doses will be 28 days. We cannot comment on the cost yet since we are in talks with the government. But I would say it would be in the range of a couple of hundred rupees with the rest being absorbed by the government.”

He further added: “some people called me crazy when I said I would invest 200 million dollars for this back in March-April, but if we hadn’t taken the decision back then, and did so now, then it would have meant losing six months, and six months would mean so many more lives lost.”

Serum Institute India, is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by the quantity of doses it rolls out. Apart from Oxford, SII is also working in co-operation with the AstraZeneca-Oxford University candidate. Additionally, the firm is devising its own indigenous vaccine as well. Currently, Pfizer Inc, AstraZenca Plc and Moderna Inc have progressed to the higher stages of trials. Globally, around 150 probable vaccine candidates are being made out of which 38 have already reached human trials. (Source: NDTV)

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