Controversy on Baba Ka Dhaba: Food Blogger Gaurav Wasan denied Alleged Fraud

Controversy on Baba Ka Dhaba: Food Blogger Gaurav Wasan denied Alleged Fraud


  • Baba Ka Dhaba Controversy, Food blogger Gaurav Wasan refutes allegations.
  • Wasan has assured about to share all the evidence online.
  • A Youtuber named Lakshya Chaudhary has alleged Gaurav Wasan for running an online scam.

Food blogger Gaurav Wasan of Taste official, who shot the video to show the plight of the elderly couple, who runs a roadside eatery in Malviya Nagar, has been alleged of running an online scam by Youtuber Lakshya Chaudhary. 

Lakshya accused Gaurav of operating an online scam, in his recent video, he allegedly said Wasan has sought donation on the pretext of helping an elderly poor couple but didn’t transfer money to Kanta Prasad, the owner of the roadside eatery. However, Gaurav Wasan has refuted the allegations.

In an exclusive conversation, Wasan said, all the allegations are rumors and he denied committing any ‘Fraud’. Earlier this month, a video of an elderly poor couple went viral on social media, and people across the country including several Bollywood actors have supported him, and soon after the Delhi people started turning to the food eateries.

When asked about the allegations, Gaurav Wasan said, “I gave a cheque for rs. 2.33 lakh to Kanta Prasad (owner of the Dhaba) and transferred 1 lakh rupees to his personal account, which I received as a donation in his name. I am arranging a bank statement to prove the same.”

Refuting all the claims, Gaurav said, “ All the allegations leveled against me are false. On 9th October, I assured Kanta Prasad that his money was safe with me and I had his proof.”

In the video released by Chaudhary, he accused Wasan of giving money to the Dhaba owner after releasing the video. He stated in his claims that Wasan has raised more than rs. 20 lakhs in Baba’s name.

To that Wasan said, “I went to give a cheque to Kanta Prasad at 1 pm, and the video accusing me was uploaded at 5 pm. Also if my account allegedly had 25 lakhs, there would also be bank statements to prove that claim. But there is nothing like that.”

Reacting on the social media flooded with retweets and demanding the evidence of the donations, Wasan said, “ He would put all the evidence of the donations on the public domain. And those who are asking for the evidence are not doing wrong by asking so, and I will release all the necessary evidence. These allegations are just to pull me down. There is no truth in that.”

At last, he added, “ I am uploading all the evidence soon, and then people can decide for themselves.”

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