The world has lost trust in China according to a Study

The world has lost trust in China according to a Study

A study carried out by the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project revealed that several nations had lost their trust in China due to COVID-19 pandemic. This also spell trouble for the Dragon.

Globally China has bleakly lost trust for its handling and tackling of the Coronavirus. According to a research, several nations have not only lost their trust, but have also scrutinized China for the way it handled the virus. Several people also vehemently believe that the outbreak began in China and the government was not transparent despite knowing about it.

A study by the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project had conducted a survey of 26,000 people from 25 nations, with assistance from the Guardian. According to reports, this currently is the “widest survey of global public opinion on China’s handling of the pandemic.” The results were grim with many people displaying a negative attitude and contempt towards China.

The survey revealed that barring China, every other nation’s citizens vehemently believed that COVID-19 was first detected in China. According to the data,

  • Nigeria had the highest rate of belief (98%)
  • Greece and South Africa (97%)
  • Spain (96%).
  • On the opposite spectrum The US, (84%) and Saudi Arabia (83%) reckoned that COVID-19 was first detected in China.

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In China, 52% of the people believed that it was first observed in their Nation. Some people also asserted that COVID-19 was first detected in the US. Even countries like South Africa and Nigeria had a majority of the population believe that the virus was first observed in China. This turn of events will potentially hurt China’s ally ship with these nations. China has often considered African Nations as some of its most staunch Political Supporters.

Many people globally also don’t trust the transparency of the Chinese government and believe they were lying about the virus. This research indicates a grave loss of trust from several nations towards China which could prove catastrophic in diplomatic relationships for the Dragon. (For further details about the research, refer to Source: The Guardian)

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