Mumbai:  Slaughtered his Granny, Chopped her head and placed on Dining table

Mumbai: Slaughtered his Granny, Chopped her head and placed on Dining table

In Mumbai, A horrific and brutal crime was reported this Wednesday. A 25-year-old named Christopher who was a ‘drug addict’ slaughtered his 80-year-old grandmother. Notably, he was discharged from de-addiction centre and came to his grandmother’s place.

The man named Christopher Dias cut the head of his grandmother, Rosy Dias, and kept it on the dining table. When the police reached the crime spot, the internal organs of the body had been ravaged and were lying around the house.

“He then called up his father who was in Goa and confessed to committing the crime. His father took the next available flight after he got the call and reached home on Tuesday morning. He was shocked when he opened the door and passed out at the sight. The son was sitting in a pool of blood. When the father asked the son about what he had done, the youth told him with a smile that he had killed his grandmother,” a police officer told The Times of India.

The guy is in police custody right now till October 17. He has charges of Murder, Deputy commissioner of police Abhishek Trimukhe was quoted as saying.

“Christopher had been undergoing de-addiction at a rehabilitation centre for the past 18 months. The centre had sent him home after his parents failed to make a payment of Rs 6 lakh. His parents live and work in Israel and his father had recently come down to meet his family,” the police said.

His Grandmother used to live on ground floor of the house alone while his cousins used to live upstairs.

“When he came to the grandmother’s house, she had served him and his cousins food. Christopher’s cousins had came downstairs to meet him, but their father scolded them and told them to keep a distance from him,” said an officer, adding that the crime may have been committed after 12.30 am when she went to sleep.

Police got informed about the crime by one of the neighbors on Tuesday.

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