Pak chose the Commonwealth meeting to “pursue its own narrow and unilateral agenda”

Pak chose the Commonwealth meeting to “pursue its own narrow and unilateral agenda”

On Wednesday, India ran into Pakistan yet again over Kashmir issue during Commonwealth meet. India slammed Pakistan for ‘ranting’ saying the only dispute left in what Islamabad called a “disputed territory” was its own illegal occupation of “certain parts, which sooner or later, it would have to vacate”.

Addressing the meeting virtually on behalf of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, MEA Secretary (West) Vikas Swarup said that it was unfortunate that the South Asian country chose the Commonwealth platform to “pursue its own bigoted, ill-conceived, narrow and unilateral agenda”.

India also added that Pakistan was the same country that had the dubious distinction of becoming synonymous with the phrase “epicenter of terrorism” and of hosting the largest number of terrorists proscribed by the United Nations.

Although, this was the reaction of comment by Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmool Qureshi that India was targeting its religious minorities.

“It was unfortunate that today’s Commonwealth Meeting was misused by one of our south Asian member state to pursue its own bigoted, ill-conceived, narrow and unilateral agenda on a multilateral platform,” said MEA’s secretary (west) Vikas Swarup.

“When we heard them rant about a South Asian state, we were left wondering why it was describing itself? And not surprisingly it came from a globally acknowledged promoter of state sponsored terrorism masquerading as an alleged victim of the same. We heard it from a country that brought genocide to South Asia 49 years back when it killed its own people,” he added.

“For such a country to hypocritically preach about religious minority groups elsewhere, while trampling itself upon the rights of its own indigenous minorities, was indeed most regrettable, and blatant misuse of this august platform,” Vikas Swarup said.

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