Look around and you will find for a ‘Baba ka dhaba’ near you

Look around and you will find for a ‘Baba ka dhaba’ near you

The power of internet is huge. There are a number of examples how Internet flipped people’s lives 360°. The recent examples we are seeing are ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ and ‘Kanji badewale’.

Now, Another is this 85 years old lady, whose name isn’t known yet, sells the pakoras near the Santoshi Maa Temple which is near the Gurudwara in Dhubri.

Notably, After the ‘Baba ka dhaba’ went viral on internet, a sort of campaign started ‘search a baba ka dhaba near you’. Such stories from different parts of the country have been doing the rounds on the internet and people are getting behind them and helping them to get back on their feet.

Another video, Netizens are now sharing is from a town called Dhubri in Assam. It shows an octogenarian who is sitting on the floor with a small ‘kadhai’ in which she is frying ‘pakoras’ to sell and make ends meet. Though, Covid has affected her business.

The lady had two sons, one passed away and the other decided to leave her to fend for herself.

On Twitter, a user shared the video with the exact location of the lady mentioning that she is selling the pakoras since 20 years.

“She sits there daily and there is no surety whether she will able to sell her food and earn money on a daily basis,” the man in the video said, along with imploring people to come and eat from her little makeshift eatery.

The Robin Hood Army, which is an NGO focusing on feeding the people in need, also posted about the woman on their Facebook page. “I decided I would be self-reliant and not beg anyone for help and mercy. I am a staunch believer in hard work paying off and will continue to make and sell pakoras till I am able to” , the woman quoted as saying.

However, These times are hard for everyone and alot of people are struggling to survive. But incidents restore the faith in humanity.

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