A Tear-filled and rare apology by Kim Jong Un to North Koreans

A Tear-filled and rare apology by Kim Jong Un to North Koreans

On the event of 75th birth Anniversary of his ruling party, Kim Jong Un emotionally acknowledged that he did not live up to the trust of his people and for that he was “really sorry”. According to the report, Kim removed his glasses and wiped away his tears.

He apologized for his failure to stand by his people during the pandemic. The leader highlighted the legacy of the great work done by his ancestors. Kim said “Although I am entrusted with the important responsibility to lead this country upholding the cause of the great comrades Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il thanks to the trust of all the people, my efforts and sincerity have not been sufficient enough to rid our people of the difficulties in their lives,”

The 36-year-old leader, Kim Jong Un was seen removing his glasses to wipe away tears halfway through the speech.

In his speech Kim talked about the challenging times that people throughout the world are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also mentioned his desire to improve relations with South Korea and avoided any direct criticisms at Washington D.C.

Analysts said Kim had used a sizeable portion of his speech to sympathise with the North Korean people.

 Hong Min, told The Korea Times.

“Underneath his message, one can sense that Kim is feeling a lot of pressure on his leadership. During the speech, he used terms like ‘grave challenges,’ ‘countless ordeals’ and ‘disasters unprecedented in history’.  This shows that he is having a really hard time governing, and he feels pressured from worries that his people might be upset or swayed by this kind of difficulty.”

The night-time military parade itself showcased a variety of weapons systems, including the unveiling of what appeared to be an intercontinental ballistic missile that is larger than any of the North’s known ICBMs.

It also displayed what was likely an upgraded version of a missile that can be fired from submarines.

While some experts say the weapons could have been mock-ups of missiles under development, the exhibits appear to signify North Korea‘s continuous upgrading of its weapons capabilities during stalled nuclear diplomacy with the US.

A US official said it was “disappointing” that North Korea was continuing to prioritise nuclear and ballistic missile development and urged Pyongyang to “engage in sustained and substansive negotiations to achieve complete denuclearization”

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