Work From Home: Increase in Stress and Anxiety

Work From Home: Increase in Stress and Anxiety

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has become an everyday reality. While some are accustomed to the new lifestyle, many are eagerly waiting to return to their offices.

Work from home was supposed to be a dream situation, but it did not turn out the way it was supposed to. It led to an increase in stress and anxiety for professionals by making it difficult to manage both personal and private life. Professional network LinkedIn has released the finding of the Workforce Confidence Index ‘mental health’ edition survey, and it does not make for a pretty reading.

The report says that 2 out of every 5 professionals are experiencing increased stress or anxiety due to COVID-19, only 1 out of 5 professionals in India were offered more time off for their well-being, only 1 in 4 professionals were offered flexible working hours and only 1 in 5 professionals were getting more time off through paid or unpaid leaves. As many as 40% of Indian professionals are continuing to experience financial instability, which is leading to high levels of financial stress and as many as 16,199 workers and professionals in India, as part of the larger LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index.

For working moms, Work from Home is no less than a boon. The survey suggests that working mothers are more likely to cope with distractions from childcare, as 36% say they are unable to focus on work with children at home, compared to 25% of working fathers.

Indian Country Manager, LinkedIn, Ashutosh Gupta says, “The ongoing stress around the 3Rs Remote work, Return to work, Risk of exposure–and adversely impacting the mental health of Indian Professionals. Companies in India are beginning to bolster their mental health programmes to support their employees in such times,”

The LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Indexmental health edition survey suggested that more than 41% of workforce in India is dealing with increased stress levels because of the blurred lines between work and personal life. Workers in India as many as 23% as per the survey, also say that too many meetings and not enough focus time are also contributing to stress while working from home.

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