Old Delhi couple become a viral sensation overnight for their food stall

Old Delhi couple become a viral sensation overnight for their food stall

The old couple who were financially struggling with their income due to lockdown. However, their video became a popular sensation overnight and was moved by the power of social media.

Eighty-year-old couple Kanta Prasad and Badaami Devi have become a viral sensation overnight for their food. The couple who owns a petite 32-square-feet stall in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar voiced out their economical problems to an Influencer. The Influencer posted it to their social media and then the couple’s lives drastically changed overnight.

The next day the stall was flooded with several people buying the items. Many people appreciated the crowd, however, despite the ongoing pandemic, social distancing was thrown out of the window. People raised concerns for this as they feared the old couple may contract it as well.

Hind addressing the overnight popularity, “We have a small shop. On any regular day, we hardly sell around 20 plates of each food item… between 9 am and 3 pm. The number of plates sold per item dropped to below 5 since we reopened the shop in June after two months of [Covid-19] lockdown. We often had to take back food…and eat it ourselves or occasionally distribute among neighbours… Today was a blessing.”

Baba ka Dhaba , the name of the food stall owned by Badaami Devi and Hind Prasad shot to overnight fame in the last 24 hours In the video, Prasad can be seen talking to a Delhi-based food blogger, crying and expressing distress at their situation during the lockdown. The couple prepares clean and home-cooked vegetarian such as dal rice, sabji and mutter paneer. The man was moved by the blogger’s gesture of buying all the remaining food and giving them a platform for their problems. He let out tears over this kind gesture.

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On Thursday morning, ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ made its way towards one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter. The crowd arrived and the stall was made lively and functioning. Prasad was well prepared about the situation after coming to know from one of his neighbours about his social media fame. “It was still too big a risk to take, especially in the light of bad business. We have run out of savings and we are struggling to make ends meet,” Devi expressed.

The menu on Thursday was Rice, chapatti, dal, rajma (kidney beans), muttar-paneer (fresh cottage cheese cooked with peas) and parathas stuffed with mashed potatoes and onions. The price of each dish range between Rs 20 and Rs 50.

By 12 PM, a crowd of around 60-70 people gathered outside and all of their items sold out. All of them wore face masks and jostled for space. Officers from the local police station routinely visited the place to remind people about the pandemic and stick to social distancing rules. However, the rules weren’t adhered to well.

“It was unprecedented,” Prasad emotionally expressed, as he wiped his tears away.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to Twitter to repost photos about the old couple’s success with the caption: “Dilli dil walon ki (Delhi is the city of people with big hearts).” (sic.) (Source: TheHindu)

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