Employees in India faced increased prolonged stress at work amid COVID-19: Report

Employees in India faced increased prolonged stress at work amid COVID-19: Report

Employees in India are facing more work-related pressures due to the lack of separation between work and personal life, as well as lethargic due to covid-19. It has been said in a report on Wednesday. 

According to Microsoft’s latest work trends index, 29 percent of employees in India are facing more work pressure. This is the second highest figure in Asia. Microsoft conducted a survey to prepare this report, in which more than six thousand people participated. These people were from eight countries  including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, India, Singapore, the UK, and the US.

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As per the report, more than 41 percent of the employees in India admitted that they are facing more pressure due to mess up in work and personal life.

In this concern, Somik Roy, country head (modern work), Microsoft India, said, “In the last six months, we have seen how Covid-19 has created a remote era everywhere.” This has led to the development of a new workplace, to a person living in a virtual world rather than a physical space. “As businesses are adopting new ways of working, it is important to know that How different dimensions are impacting new working conditions on employees.”

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According to the report, 29 percent of the employees in India revealed that they had to work more in the new ambience. They said that now they have to work an hour more than before. However, the employees of Germany admitted that the new circumstances had changed very little compared to before.

According to the study’s data, employees globally are attending more meetings, working on more orders, taking more ad hoc calls and participating in more chats than ever before.

Key Findings from the research report:

  • In some countries, The Pandemic increased burnout at work.
  • Reasons for workplace stress differ for firstline and remote workers.
  • In six months, there are more communications and fewer boundaries.
  • No commute may be hurting, not helping, productivity for remote workers in Asia.
  • Studies show meditation can fight burnout and stress during the workday

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The report also revealed that 19 percent of employees have not been provided the tech or protective equipment, they need to have to maintain social distancing by their company, which contributed to increased stress.

In the survey in India, 92% said meditation can help decrease their work-related prolonged stress, even external research backs this up indicating that consistent meditation with Headspace can decline the stress and burnout and improve the capacity to react on negative feedbacks.

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