iOS 14 Battery Drain Issue, Apple acknowledged the issue but no easy fix in place yet

iOS 14 Battery Drain Issue, Apple acknowledged the issue but no easy fix in place yet


  • Users who have updated iOS 14 are experiencing a quick drain in the battery of the iPhone.
  • The issue can be solved by resetting the device.
  • Apple has released a support document to provide a workaround.
  • It is about removing the content from your cell.
  • Apple released iOS 14.0.1, but that update didn’t resolve the issue of battery drain.

Apple has released the latest operating system version iOS 14, which was released on the 16th of September. Introducing it Apple has brought a ‘trove of wonders’ to the users but users can’t have wonders without some bugs.

As iOS 14 is recently introduced, the bugs are bound to occur, and the iPhone users are facing the issue of draining way too quickly. Apart from the iPhones, some users are also having the same problem on their Apple Watch due to the new watchOS 7 update.

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Some users have said that within an hour they are losing almost 50 to 60 percent battery. In extreme cases, many say that they are losing almost 90 percent of the battery in an hour.

Even the battery issue is not just a problem users are reporting, It is also known that users are losing their Workout GPS routes and health data in the Fitness or Health app. The apps are also failing to load. 

In this concern, Apple has acknowledged the issue and issued a support document for fixing the issue of draining the quick battery. Instead of directing the issue by doing particular settings, Apple suggested erasing all contents and settings from the iPhone running on iOS 14.

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Even Apple has listed seven issues users might have experienced after installing iOS 14 and watchOS 7.0. In which the first six issues are related to losing workout routes or data available on fitness apps. And the seventh one is related to ‘increased battery drain’.

Social media platforms got flooded with the issue when the users started sharing their experience of draining battery and losing their workout GPS routes through their social networks.

Before the issue came into existence Apple had already rolled out the next version of the operating system, iOS 14.0.1, but it also didn’t fix the issue.

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To resolve the issue, Apple has notified the users that if you’re experiencing “two or more” of the listed issues, you unpair your iPhone and your Apple Watch, back up to iCloud, erase all content from your iPhone, and then restore your iPhone and Apple Watch from the backups.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is no way to restore missing workout route maps, environmental sound levels, or any other missing data — Apple suggests affected users follow its instructions “to prevent future data loss.”

This is not the first time that Apple users have faced the issue, the users have complained in the same manner while updating any version of iOS.

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And now Apple will soon come with its new release iOS 14.0.2, which may fix the problem of draining battery. So if the users who haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 14, better would be to wait for the issue reported publicly to be resolved.

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