Indians irked with the concept of ‘Chai latte’

Indians irked with the concept of ‘Chai latte’

If there is anything Indians are obsessed with other than Sharma ji ka beta and fair skin, it is certainly the ‘adrak wali chai‘ . We make it desi and won’t have it any other way.

As says the chef Manish Mehrotra “It’s a daily drink, so there’s a sense of ownership on it. There’s a variant of tea according to every individual in this country, and every variant is unique in its own way,”

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A recent Chai Latte recipe video shared by WebMD received a lot of attention on social media. Recipe for “homemade chai latte”, needs various species, unsweetened coconut milk and maple syrup. A combination of ingredients that are definitely not used while making chai in a desi household.

Restauranteurs are united with the people and believe that Chai Latte is bound to fail in India, if it ever makes it to the country, that is.

“India is very particular about its Chai taste. Its Kadak or Masala chai that rules when it comes to Chai Shai and its nothing else that works in Northern region. Chai tea is a powerful blend of tea, herbs, and spices that has been cherished for centuries in India as a means of improving health and enhancing peace of mind, While Chai lattes are often made with either a soluble powder or a syrup imitating a chai flavour which just don’t gel well with Chai taste running in our culture,” says restauranteur Kanishk Tuteja

Twitterati in no time tore apart the recipe . It refused to accept the foreign concept . From referring to it as chai curry to calling it a recipe for Biryani, Chai Latte was completely knocked down.

The social media saw all sorts of reactions. Offended Indians left no stone unturned to roast the recipe put forward.

All in all, there is no way you can make Indians part with their relationship with the good old kadak chai .

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