Life insurance can be done online without stepping out in pandemic.

Life insurance can be done online without stepping out in pandemic.

Life Insurance policy has always been a hustle in India, Fill a number of forms, meetings with Agents. This has been the way since always. However, since the Pandemic has brought a number of changes in human lifestyle, Buying an Insurance Policy online is another one of them.

When the world is shifting online, Internet is the key to everything. Although its necessary to maintain the social distancing, to stay put from the virus. The contactless way to buy Life Insurance Policy is yet remarkable.

We have a fully equipped digital platform for servicing which ensures that customers can get their policies serviced without having to step out of their homes. Over 72% customer service interactions were handled by our digital touch points,” mentioned Parvez Mulla, COO, HDFC Life insurance.
According to a report by Livemint, A contactless insurance selling platform Video and Voice Interfacing Sales Enable has been launched by the Private Insurer. Under this new initiative, an agent connects with customers via video calling and take them through the entire process of buying a policy. “Amid lockdown, we went live with ELLE 2.0 on our website with the capability to handle more than 550 FAQs and more than 40 dynamic policy integrations,” he added.

Moreover, HDFC life offers an option where customers can initiate a claim via a simple 3-step process. “99% of all non-investigation claims were settled within one business day, during Q1FY21,” he further added. The insurance company has also launched a claim initiation journey via a WhatsApp to ease the burden on customers. “Majority of our non-investigation claims can be completed over the Whatsapp bot in less than five minutes by sharing minimal documentation,” Parvez Mulla mentioned.

“Amid lockdown, we have used the digital platform for activities such as on-boarding, training and skill enhancement. We have an e-learning platform with over 7,500 agents attending training programs daily,” Parvez Mulla said. “Technology like cloud telephony also enabled our conventional touch points like call centres to be operational in a work from home environment with minimal disruption,” he explained.

He further commented about Future outlook, “With the shift from digital being an enabler to digital being at the core, more and more Indians will be financially protected by life insurance.”

“The future intent to buy life insurance is highest amongst financial products driven primarily by 21-40 year old. Within life insurance, the intent to buy traditional policies is highest, particularly by people in the ages of 41-50. There is a surge in online insurance sales shows the accentuated need for protection. The online mode for premium collection has shown an increasing trend across geographies,” he added.

“At HDFC Life, we remain focused to drive business on the back of a balanced product mix, diversified distribution, continuous product innovation and continued investment in and deployment of technology while keeping the customer at the centre,” he concluded.

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