UP Hathras Case: Priyanka Gandhi shares video, slams Govt for pressurizing victim’s family

UP Hathras Case: Priyanka Gandhi shares video, slams Govt for pressurizing victim’s family

On Wednesday the rape victim’s family had alleged that UP police forced the cremation of the UP woman who was brutally raped and tortured by four men. The Yogi Adityanath government has been accused of trying to suppress the facts through the forced cremation. District officials contented that they had consent from the woman’s family, but the video shared by Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi shows that the family members were forced to sign the document.

A short 22 seconds video of the district magistrate of Hathras, Parveen Kumar got viral where he is seen talking to the family of the gang rape victim. Kumar’s said in the video “These media persons are not here to stay. Half would go today and the remaining will move away tomorrow and only few will remain. It is we who would stand with you and thus it is your wish if you want to change your statements or not. Do not harm your credibility, else we might also change…,” and soon the video was abruptly ended.

Priyanka Gandhi shared the video of the victim’s father saying he was pressurized . She wrote on twitter ,”Listen to the statement of the father of the daughter of Hathras. They were forcibly taken under the garb of a video call with the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. They are not satisfied with the investigation. Now the whole family is under house arrest. Talking is forbidden Is the government trying to silence them by threatening them? Injustice is being done on injustice.”

The Hathras rape victim’s father earlier said that he is satisfied by the probe being conducted by the UP police and that there is no need for anyone to sit on dharna or protest. He further said that he spoke to Yogi Adityanath and informed him about the demands of the family who want a thorough probe in the case and justice for their daughter . Further added that he is grateful to CM Yogi Adityanath for assuring to help the family as well as to those who have extended support in these difficult times.

The victim’s family has held the senior district officer accountable for pressurizing them.

In another video that came out earlier, a woman from the victim’s family is seen blaming the district administration for pressurizing the victim’s father.
Repeated efforts were made by the media to obtain the district magistrate’s version of this issue but he did not retort. When asked GS Priyadarshi , the Aligarh divisional commissioner, he indicated that he was not aware of the content of the video.

After sharing the video of Hathras Gang-rape victim’s father being forced to sign the documents for cremation, the Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi along with her brother Rahul Gandhi were on their way to meet the victim’s family in Hathras when they were stopped mid-way. A large no. of supporters and Congress workers gathered at the border area to support and the chaos followed.

Slamming the BJP government over the rape and hurried cremation of the victim, Priyanka Gandhi has called for the resignation of CM Adityanath.

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