Does the world have another pandemic coming up? 3245 positive for Brucellosis in China

Does the world have another pandemic coming up? 3245 positive for Brucellosis in China

Brucellosis unlike COVID-19, is not a new pathogen to the world. However, its recent outbreak in China worries scientists about its potential of turning into another pandemic. India will be highly susceptible to this bacteria.

As the world is battling with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, scientists are wary that this is not the end. Another potential pandemic may be rising .it’s not the second wave of COVID-19 which has already hit parts of the globe, but rather a new bacterium. Brucellosis, A disease caused by a highly contagious bacteria. Brucellosis is an infection that affects both animals and humans. The disease is caused by a group of bacteria from the genus Brucella.

The bacteria is transmitted from animals to humans by naked and direct contact with the animal fluid, inhaling the air contaminated by it and through raw or unpasteurized dairy products. Not only these, but unlike the Coronavirus, this pathogen has additional ways of transmission such as sexual contact, breastfeeding and a dire wound sustained on your skin. If left untreated, the disease causes chronic symptoms. Men can become infertile.

Is this disease truly new to the whole world?

The Brucellosis outbreak happened in December 2019. It is alleged that the outbreak was caused due to a lab leak from a biopharmaceutical company. According to data released by the National Health Commission (NHC) of Lanzhou, China approximately 3,245 people in the Gansu province capital have been detected with the pathogens.

India unlike other countries, is highly susceptible to the pathogen. This is due the livelihood of several Indians depending on livestock and milch animals for their daily survival. Since Farm animals are a at a huge risk of contracting the virus, the risk of animal-to-human transmission is also high. Also several Indians tend to consume dairy raw or unpasteurized which add to the threat of contracting the virus. However, it is not new to India. Brucellosis has been pestering the nation for around 100 years and the disease goes severely underdiagnosed.

The reports presently state that there are many similarities between the symptoms of Brucellosis and that of COVID-19. However, one can distinguish between both the diseases as Brucellosis has other symptoms such as arthritis (joint swelling), spondylitis (swelling of the backbone), and swelling of the testicles which aren’t normally seen in COVID-19. No vaccines are available for both the diseases however, several antibiotics are available for the treatment of Brucellosis. Further Information on the disease is awaited. (Source:, TheQuint)

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