Sudarshan TV controversy on ‘Bindaas bol’ programme,  referred as ‘UPSC Jihad’

Sudarshan TV controversy on ‘Bindaas bol’ programme, referred as ‘UPSC Jihad’

Sudarshan News TV has broadcasted a highly controversial programme ‘Bindas Bol’. The controversy arised on alleged infiltration of Muslims into civil services examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Episodes on “Muslims infiltrating” government services — prima facie violated programme code and a showcase notice has been issued to them. The Centre told the Supreme Court. “The notice is a detailed one, giving facts which are against the program code,” the Centre told the top court. The programme was allegedly referred as ‘UPSC Jihad’

Notably, The four episodes have been aired by Sudarshan News TV in this series on September 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2020 respectively. However, there are still around six episodes yet to broadcasted. The Supreme Court has put a pre-broadcast ban on the remaining episode till the time the case is decided.

“You cannot target one community and brand them in a particular manner,” the top court said.

The residents of Uttar Pradesh had registered a complaint against Sudarshan Newsshow ‘Bindaas Bol’, hosted by Chavhanke and had alleged that it aired programmes that promoted communal disharmony and hostility between religious groups.

Along with that ,a petition against the programme has been filed by a lawyer, Firoz Iqbal Khan. According to him, the programme code spelled out under the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act of 1995 which regulates television content.

In the programme, Suresh Chavhanke was seen questioning how there had been a sudden increase in the number of Muslims succeeding in Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service exams.

Whereas, The channel has urged the apex court to lift the stay on the telecast of the remaining six episodes of the controversial programme, saying the channel would abide by laws.

“The anchor’s grievance is that a particular group is gaining entry into the civil services,” said Justice DY Chandrachud. “How insidious is this? Such insidious charges put a question mark on UPSC exams, cast aspersion on UPSC. Such allegations without factual basis, how can this be allowed? Can such programmes be allowed in a free society,” he said.

The court, however will hear the matter again on October, 5.

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