Covid 19 Cases rising quicker than ever, death rate falling: WHO

Covid 19 Cases rising quicker than ever, death rate falling: WHO

The WHO declared that worldwide, the number of COVID-19 cases have been surging at an alarming rate as compared to last week. However, a significant drop can be observed in the death rates globally.

The WHO on Tuesday declared that the COVID-19 cases have risen at an alarming rate globally this week. This also indicated a 6 per cent rise from last week. The WHO declared: “the highest number of reported cases in a single week since the beginning of the epidemic.”

The COVID-19 pandemic first began in China during late 2019. So far, it has infected more than 31 million people globally, while nearly 973,000 have died, according to the Wednesday’s data.

Most regions of the world have seen rise in new cases last week according to WHO. In Particular, Europe and the Americas have observed new alarming surges which have increased by 11 to 10 per cent respectively.

Nations like the United Kingdom, France and Spain, restrictions were placed in several parts since the number of cases have been rising this week to the same numbers during the peaks earlier this year. Due to fears of another major outbreak. The United States continues to have the highest number of cases in the world, with more than 6.8 million cases, closely followed by India which is expected to overtake the United States soon and Brazil.

Meanwhile, European nations like France, The UK, and Spain have observed a sudden surge in the cases which indicates the second wave of COVID-19 infections. With the death count surging to more than 4,000 for the seven-day timeframe. This is a 27-per cent rise compared with the last week.

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Death rates have been declining

Despite cases are rising quicker than ever, on the other hand, the death rate has been seeing a deceleration all over the world. This has been revealed by the WHO statistics. Some 37,700 new deaths due to the Coronavirus were recorded globally. This showed a 10 per cent decline in the death rate compared to the global data of deaths last week. The Americas saw a decline of 22 per cent while Africa saw a drop of 16 per cent in Death rates. (Source: AlJazeera)

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