Teachers are approaching interesting ways to educate; Bike turned into movable school.

Teachers are approaching interesting ways to educate; Bike turned into movable school.

Covid-19 has affected everyone regardless their field of work but Education is something that shouldn’t be compromised thus teachers nationwide are using Online classes to teach students.

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However, a large number of underprivileged children are far from this idea of education as they cannot afford such expensive gadgets.

There are Government School Teachers, Rudra Rana and Ashok Lodhi who are doing everything in their approach to make educated available for underprivileged children as much as they can.

The Chhattisgarh government had earlier launched an online portal, ‘Padhai Tuhar Duar’ in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic which helped provide education to children who were now stuck at home. In August, they extended the scheme and introduced ‘Padhai tuhar para’which aims to teach children in their localities and villages with the help of the community.

A government school teacher Rudra Rana told ANI, “Very few students were able to join the online classes, so we started mohalla classes. So I thought of this method. This also ensures the safety of both teachers and students as there is no contact. As students can’t go to schools, I’m bringing education to their doorstep.

They are carrying books and placards along with a Blackboard on their bikes. Rana travels through different regions and educating children.

“Even students are coming forward and showing interest while the locals are appreciating the initiative,” he said.

I have also kept a blackboard, books and placards with me. I ring the bell and then students come, just like normal school routine, then students perform their prayers and we start with the classes as per syllabus,” he added.

“We get to learn a lot from these classes. Sir comes here daily and teach us and also answer our doubts. We are enjoying this method of teaching,” one of his students Shilpi told ANI.

“Sir teaches us different concepts and later we study them on our own. We miss school but this concept is also nice as it feels just like we’re at school,” said Suraj, another student of Rana.

Another, Government School Teacher Ashok Lodhi tried to make it even more fun. Local residents in Korea district nicknamed him ‘Cinema Wale Babu’ for his unique approach to teaching, ANI reported.

“I don’t bear any extra cost as the TV is from our school and I am anyway supposed to visit places to take classes. Local administration also encouraged me,” Ashok told ANI.

Such hardworking teachers are setting great example.

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