Abe resigns due to ill health, Yoshihide Suga assumes position as the New PM of Japan.

Abe resigns due to ill health, Yoshihide Suga assumes position as the New PM of Japan.

The former Prime Minister of Japan said to his cabinet, During this time, I was able to tackle various challenges together with the people, and I’m proud of myself.”

After the recent elections in Japan, Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be replaced by the newly elected Yoshihide Suga. Suga, will soon assume office as the new Prime Minister of Japan. Meanwhile, The entire cabinet under former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have resigned on Wednesday 16th September. On 28th August, Shinzo Abe had announced his retirement from the position with the reason being him currently having a poor health.

According to Kyodo News Suga, who is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party will take office on 16th September with his current prime goal of repairing the unsteady and damaged economy due to COVID-19. He also has set the goal of keeping the virus under immense control in the nation.

The news site added to their report that Suga promised further propagate with Abe’s policies, including “Abenomics,” which is an amalgamation of measures including monetary easing and fiscal stimulus aimed at beating deflation and increasing the economic growth of the world’s third-largest economy.

According to a poll Suga had earned 377 votes, followed by the former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida with 89 votes and finally former Defence Minister Shigeru Ishiba with 68 votes.

Suga, who was the former Chief Cabinet Secretary and was also considered as Shinzo Abe’s right hand was selected on Monday. He was chosen as the new head of the now Ruling Liberal Democratic Party. He virtually guaranteed his election as the Prime Minister through a parliamentary vote on Wednesday due to majority. Suga promised to appoint “reform-minded, hard-working people” to his new Cabinet.

Suga has always been vocal about his family history. He came from an agrarian household and is a self made politician who promises to serve the common people and rural crowd of Japan. (Source: TheIndianExpress)

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