UK returns the stolen 15th Century precious statues back to India.

UK returns the stolen 15th Century precious statues back to India.

The UK decided to rightfully return back the Idols stolen from India. On Tuesday 15th September the Statues were returned back to the Indian High commission in the UK by the British police.

The UK on Tuesday decided to return back statues stolen from India in the 20th century. Three artefacts which date back to the 15th Century A.D. were stolen from India by the British. The statues, which were originally kept in atemple at Tamil Nadu was returned back to the Indian High Commission in London, UK by the British police. A statement from the Ministry of Culture confirmed it.

Specifications of the idols are as follows as stated by the ministry. “The bronze images of Lord Rama, Lakshamana and Mata Sita are 90.5 cm, 78 cm, and 745 cm in height respectively and are masterpieces of Indian Metal Art. These sculptures were stolen from Nagapattinam district of TN in 1978 from a Vijayanagar period temple. The sculptures are datable to the 15th century A.D.” (sic) (quoted and sourced from Financial Express)

Prahlad Singh Patel, the Union Minister of Culture and Tourism was present at the Handing over Ceremony by a virtual medium. The three idols have been identified as sculptures of the Hindu Gods of Lord Ram, Lakshaman and Sita Maa. The Statesman said that these idols were surrendered by the British police to the Indian Commission. Delivering a speech on the occasion, Patel thanked the British police for returning it back . He also thanked the Special Idol Wing, the Government of Tamil Nadu, The Indian Commission for their strives.

Patel expressed, “It is a matter of happiness that since independence we received only 13 sculptures from foreign countries but since 2014 we have received more than 40 sculptures and we are trying to get more sculptures in coming years. We are talking to British Museum to bring the Vag Devi idol back to India.”

Revealing to the media, Patel declared that the three artefacts belonged to India. They were stolen and taken to the UK in the year 1978. They are from the infamous Vijayanagara kingdom, which governed the South of India from the 14th century to the 17th century. (Source: Times Now)

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