Smokers are More Vulnerable to Covid-19: Health Ministry

Smokers are More Vulnerable to Covid-19: Health Ministry

Smokers are more vulnerable to get impacted from corona due to the direct touch from mouth and hands.

Any kind of smoking like tobacco and cigarettes can lead towards the virus. We use our hands, mouth and lips while smoking which creates infections.

Cigarettes and hukkah also created a way for transmission of disease. It becomes essential that everyone to keep their lungs healthy to dodge the wickedest effects of the pandemic.

While it’s crucial for us from constricting Covid-19 deserting smoking is a vital step in this crucial time.

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After quitting smoking our body instigates to restore the damage. The risk of life-threatening health problems attacking us decreases dramatically after leaving smoking.

Fatal grouping of Cigarette smoking may lead us towards COVID-19. In smokers, the above-mentioned health problems joined with COVID-19 may result in more grave health consequences.

The lung function in smokers is already lessened. Therefore Covid-19 aggressively attacks to the smokers which makes the situation poorer and resulting in death as well.

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The welfares of quitting smoking are well known. However amidst the lockdown, strong hunger can hit, anyone to forget all of the benefits. This usually happens because smokers find it hard to manage yearnings.

Nicotex brings a small, controlled amount of nicotine and minus the other toxic agents and harmful chemicals that cigarettes consist. It can help manage those cravings & extraction symptoms.

Coronavirus can infect anyone especially smokers. It causes wide-ranging damage to various vital organs and systems of the human body.

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