Sharad Pawar requests centre to lift ban on Onion export, farmers at huge loss

Sharad Pawar requests centre to lift ban on Onion export, farmers at huge loss

On Tuesday, Farmers protested on streets of Maharashtra against the ban on onion export.

On Monday, Centre banned Onion export with immediate effect after the price frequently increased and got almost double in country’s biggest market in Maharashtra‘s Lasalgaon.

Farmers has just began to get better prices and the sudden bans has massively affected the farmers .Thus they are protesting against ban on onion export.

Farmers kept shops closed and brought trading to a standstill at the agricultural produce market committee (APMC) market. Angry farmers also squatted on the road and blocked traffic on the Mumbai-Agra highway.

At Lasalgaon,the average onion price dropped from Rs 2,950 per quintal to Rs 2,700 per quintal.

On Tuesday, NCP president Sharad Pawar urged the Union Minister for Commerce and Trade Piyush Goyal to rethink about the ban and to lift it.

“I brought to the notice of Union Minister Piyush Goyal ji that onions are in good demand internationally and we have to been exporting them consistently. But a sudden decision by the central government is a major blow to India’s image as a reliable exporter of onions in the international market. Such a situation would give Pakistan and other onion exporters immense benefit,” he told media persons.

State Minister of Food and Civil Supplies ,Chhagan Bhujbal said: “The farmers’ unrest does not auger well. They have brought the entire trade and action process to a halt.”

“If the protests continue, the supply of onion in the domestic market will also be hit. Farmers will incur huge losses if the ban continues,” he added.

Mr. Sharad Pawar tweeted and said, “The ban jeopardizes India’s export share in the onion markets of Gulf countries, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.”

“The central government has abruptly announced a ban on onion exports. There was a strong reaction in the onion growing belt in Maharashtra and the people’s representatives of various political parties contacted me last night and requested that I inform the central government about their reaction… I urge Piyush Goyalji to rethink this decision of banning export of onion,” he said in a series of tweets.

The price of onion doubled between March and September. In the retail market, the price of onions – a staple in Indian diet – has risen from ₹ 20/kg in June-July to ₹ 35-40/kg now – the trigger for government’s ban on its export.

All India Kisan Sabha’s General Secretary Dr Ajit Navale said,”Farmers are angry with this decision and have decided to protest by coming out on roads.”

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