Navy Veteran,attacked by Shiv sainiks joins BJP-RSS ,calls for Presidential rule

Navy Veteran,attacked by Shiv sainiks joins BJP-RSS ,calls for Presidential rule

Madan Sharma who is a retired Navy officer has now joined BJP and RSS.He was beaten by Shiv sainiks over a cartoon on Uddhav Thackerey.

“I have now joined BJP and RSS. We will not let any gundagardi happen in Maharashtra,” said the Navy veteran.

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On Tuesday, Madan Sharma met Governer BS Koshiyari. He said,“I have asked the governor for President’s Rule. He has assured that he will speak to the Centre.”

“Why is law seen in two different ways? If someone is connected to a politician, then he will be treated differently compared to a common man,” asked Madan Sharma.

“I told him of the incident. Sections under which accused were booked are weak. The governor assured me that he’ll take action on my memorandum. I demanded that state government be dismissed, President Rule’s be imposed. He assured he will speak to the Centre.”

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However, Shivsena in its mouthpiece Samana lashed out at Navy Veteran and taunted he must know how to respect a Chief Minister.

Wasn’t Madan Sharma taught in the Navy to respect a person holding a Constitutional post?’ Though the Suspected Shivsena Workers got arrested after allegedly attacking on Madan Sharma over a cartoon on Uddhav Thackerey but they got bail very soon.

“We don’t know how the photo reached the Shiv Sena,” Dr Sheela Sharma, Madan Sharma’s daughter, told NDTV on September 12. “We want strict action. The accused shouldn’t have got bail in this way. Police personnel had come to our house and spoke of a probe against us. I oppose this bail.”

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis along with Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had condemned the attack on Madan Sharma.

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