Trump turns down scientists claiming climate change as a reason for California wildfires.

Trump turns down scientists claiming climate change as a reason for California wildfires.

US President Donald Trump on Monday spurned claims of the ongoing California wildfires caused due to Climate Change. He went on to say that science doesn’t know anything about the climate.

Despite the monstrous ongoing wildfires in California, The US President seems to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to it. President Donald Trump on Monday spurned climate change as a cause for the disaster. He also did not miss a chance to blame other factors for it. Trump attacked the Democrat leaders.

Trump has been notorious for banishing scientist’s claims of climate change. Despite California Governor Gavin Newsom declaring that the clearly formidable fires are mostly a product of climate change.

In the 47-minute telephonic interview on Fox & Friends he made absurd claims that some forests throughout the world adjoining cities have even more “explosive” trees than California’s dead trees, “but no fires” seem to break out from them. He blamed the state and asserted that California should’ve done a better task of clearing forest floors to avoid such wildfires. While several wildfire experts and forest managers allegedly falsified his claims. They said that raking leaves from the forest floors made no sense as Forests are dauntingly vast for such an activity.  (Source: The Telegraph)

A briefing with the local officials in Northern California on 14th September had Trump speak of revelations completely contrasting to the scientist claims. Trump said that global warming ‘will reverse itself’ and ‘it will start getting cooler’. He also added that, “If we ignore that science and sort of put our head in the sand and think it’s all about vegetation management, we’re not going to succeed together protecting Californians’. 

Donald Trump went on to raise The Green New Deal by labeling it as a “farce,” He narrated the proposed policies for combating climate change as “excessively radical”. As well as Trump inculpated nations like India, Russia and China as major contributors of global air pollution. And compared their air to the United States by saying that “We have clean air.”

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