Congress questions the Centre on report of China spying over 10,000 Indians.

Congress questions the Centre on report of China spying over 10,000 Indians.

On Monday, Congress Chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala asked Centre to respond over media report that revealed that a Shenzen-based firm with links to Chinese government is monitoring over 10,000 Indian individuals and organisations in its global database of “foreign targets”.

Referring to the report, Randeep Surjewala expressed his concern on Twitter over the news about Chinese digital surveillance of India’s leaders and others.

“We condemn this unequivocally. Have the Chinese used this two-year-old company to influence government policies in any manner? Will the government investigate and assure the Nation?” Surjewala asked.

In a Tweet, He said, “If this report is correct, then did the Modi Government know about this serious matter?”

He further asked,”Or they did not know that we were being spied upon? Why is the government failing to protect our strategic interests over and over again?”

According to Surjewala, China needs to have a clear message that this behaviour isn’t worth tolerating .

Congress’ deputy leader in Lok Sabha Gaurav Gogoi said, “We want the Government of India to step up its efforts on cyber security because when we confront a country like China, we are not only confronting China on land, sea and air, we are also confronting Chinese intentions in the cyber space as well.”

He added, “In the days to come, the government should be clear…that all the data that has been collected by Chinese agencies has not been used to manipulate policy, has not been used to gain more intelligence data on our military or sensitive information.”

“These are clarifications…the entire country is watching — when will the Indo-China border conflict be taken up in Parliament, but no such indication was given in Parliament today,” Gogoi said.

A source of central government responded on the report, “This vindicates government’s decision to ban more than 200 chinese apps and throwing Chinese telecom giants out from bidding in 4G and 5G in India.”

They (Chinese) have only used the data openly available on social media and analysed them, it is not possible to take any punitive action, a source added. “But the huge amount of analytics done by this Chinese company proves that it was not possible without the support of the Chinese government. This was done in many countries which not only prove hand of Chinese authorities behind this data analysis to maintain Chinese supremacy in the world,” the source in the Government of India said.

Although Gogoi also said that Congress wants to know that when will the prime minister speak on this issue.

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