China trying to extend the controversial BRI into South Asia

China trying to extend the controversial BRI into South Asia

A study done on the ambassadors of China stationed in South Asia revealed that several of them reportedly had connections with the UFWD. Reports suggest that the extension is being done to corner India in the South Asian region.

The government of China has seemed to extend the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) towards South Asia. Nong Rong, a Chinese politician was deployed as he had close links with the United Front Works Department (UFWD). Currently, he is an ambassador to Pakistan. Nong had replaced the previous career diplomat Yao Jing in Islamabad during this week.

Hou Yongi, the Chinese ambassador in Nepal, is an Asian affairs expert with a background intelligence about People’s Liberation Army (PLA). eloquent in Urdu, she was the Director of the Department of External Security Affairs in 2012-2013. Hou has been reportedly guided by Beijing to enlarge the rising communist movement in Nepal. And she must not create any sort of rift between the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and party president Pushpa Kamal Dahal or Prachanda.

The UFWD has also been trying to influence the Tibetan Buddhist community in Tibet. Additionally, the UFWD has been openly deployed after Jinping’s recent verdict on Sinicizing Tibet. This is done to foster greater social integration in China and to add momentum to the One-China principle.

The meaning and potential problem of UFWD.

A study of done on the Chinese ambassadors present in South Asia allegedly revealed several connections to UFDW. Beijing’s present representative to Bangladesh Li Jiming and Cheng Xueyuan, the former Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka were linked to the organisation. This said organisation which current Chinese President Xi Jinping was dedicated towards for several years, has been directed with psychological operations which includes undertaking the tasks of influencing political, economic and intellectuals in other countries.

According to the report by HT, “The benign sounding UFWD is a unique organisation that has been formed to create a critical mass of support for the Communist Party of China (CPC) among non-communists. It has a domestic and international wing. Domestically its role is to build sympathisers among people who are not part of the 86 million strong CPC. Clearly the task of China’s ambassadors to South Asia is to push the BRI and aggressively undermine the Indian civilisational influence.” (sic.)

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