Analysis of Chinese Army Propaganda video.

Analysis of Chinese Army Propaganda video.

Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh will be addressing Parliament today over India-China conflict in eastern Ladakh. He was also present in Parliament’s first monsoon session on Monday.

This address is going to be the first official statement of the Government over the ongoing standoff along the LAC. Notably, the People’s Liberation Army is continuously making efforts to change the status quo in the region. The conflict came on the surface after the deadly face off in June, When 20 Indian Soldiers along with a number of Chinese soldiers lost their lives.

However, On Monday Prime Minister Narendra Modi had told reporters, “Our brave soldiers are guarding the borders amid adverse weather in the mountains. All MPs are united in supporting our soldiers. I believe that all members of Parliament will give an unequivocal message that the country stands with our soldiers.”

Although, Almost a week ago External Affairs Minister S. Jayshankar met his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).They discussed the current scenario of LAC. Both the Countries issued a joint statement with a five point action plan.

Not only JayShankar but Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also met his Chinese Counterpart Wei Fenghe in Moscow to deliberate on the standoff.

Since June, Both the countries have had various meetings and military dialogues to achieve de-escalation in Ladakh.

Moreover, A media report has recently revealed that a Shenzan-based firm with links to the Chinese government is spying over 10,000 Indian individuals including some prominent personalities. President Ram Nath Kovind, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, businessman Ratan Tata, the Union government, state leaders and actors among others are some individuals that are being monitored along with their families.

Congress Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala asked the government to respond and he also expressed his concern on Twitter regarding this issue.

Notably, After the Galwan valley incident, the Indian government has cut ties with China as much as possible to show that this time nothing is going to be tolerated. Banning more than a hundred Chinese apps is also a sign.

Moreover, India Today has analysed a recent PLA film showing a border defence regiment from Xinjiang Military Region to understand how much thrust the Chinese army put in producing these videos.

The way this video has been shot is completely cinematic and action-packed. Nearly 10 different angles have been used to shoot the 100 seconds video. After the analysis, it is almost clear that this video was shot to spread propaganda and nothing else.

Here is the complete Analysis:

1)When we watch the video, Scene one begins with Chinese soldiers picking up their weapons. Its an indoor shot.

2)In the very next scene, A closeup shot has been filmed for the same scene but from a different angle.

3)The third angle of camera is just outside the hut and soldiers are coming out with their weapons.

4)The fourth camera has been set near the military vehicle which captures a close up of the men boarding the vehicle.

5)The fifth angle is a drone shot in which nearly 20 Chinese soldiers are visible moving towards the hill.

6)The sixth camera has shot the foot movement of the soldiers it’s a lower angel shot.

7)The seventh camera has placed somewhere near the water stream to capture the movement of soldiers as they move along.

8)Later on, the video shows the firing zone and one camera has been used to shoot that.

9)The ninth camera captured the close up shot of snipers on the hill.

10)The tenth unique camera is mounted in the headgear of the armed men which captures their gun positions and targets.

In the video, There are interviews of the officials of PLA, landscapes etc.

According to the analysis of this video, we assume that PLA has shot this video to create fear and shock among its enemies. The video shows an action-packed performance of the Chinese army. Though the question remains how much is this valid on the real ground.

Source: India Today

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