Tinder introduces new Fun filled ‘Swipe Night’ with critical options

Tinder introduces new Fun filled ‘Swipe Night’ with critical options

Players on Tinder will have critical choices to make during the story like interface. Based on the results, the user is provided with potential matches whose results are similar to the user.

Previously, Tinder has been testing this feature only in the United States. As it turns out, the feature has been recently introduced in the Indian and global markets. The feature is known as the ‘Swipe Night’ which enables the person to go through an interactive story like game.

Swipe Night is an interactive story perspective like feature which is quite similar to other plot based games like Episode. The latest feature combines drama, dating, preferences and twists altogether. From any of the trailers released by the company, the themes of stories tend to change.

The latest ongoing one is ‘The End of the world’ theme. At many times in the game, you will be asked to make a choice, This choice will lead you to different plots.

At the end, all of your choices combined together will provide you with the outcome or ending. For different people, the outcome will be different due to their choices.

How does ‘Swipe Night’ help with dating?

When it comes to dating, the app collects the information from your choices. This helps the app to display the critical choices you made during the game on your profile. From there, the app later recommends you people to match with.

These recommendations arrive due to you and the person having similar outcomes and/or choices. However, you can choose to keep you choices public or private on your profile. This interface also provides for great conversation openers where both you and your potential match can discuss about it and bond on common grounds.

To join the Swipe Night, once released, the app will send you a notification, where in you can tap on it and begin playing the ‘Swipe Night’ feature.

The feature was said to be released in March. However due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the feature was released now. In India, Tinder has launched three episodes of the feature. Each episode is going live every Saturday of the week at 10 AM Indian Standard Time (IST). The first episode has been released yesterday on 12th September. (Source: FirstPost)

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