Beirut fire: Large blaze erupts in port a month after the explosion

Beirut fire: Large blaze erupts in port a month after the explosion

Lebanon has launched an investigation into huge fire at a warehouse storing aid that erupted in the port of Beirut – one month after a massive explosion there killed more than 190 people.

The fire broke out just over a month after a huge explosion in the Lebanese capital, which was caused by 2,750 tones of ammonium nitrate igniting at a warehouse in the port.

In addition to the loss of life, thousands were wounded. 300,000 has been displaced by the 4 August explosion.

The fire broke out was in an aid agency that has stored the food and cooking oil.

Military and Fire brigades spent hours to deal with the blaze. They also used helicopters to drop water on it.

The cause of the fire is not confirmed yet. There is no injury due to fire. A cloud of dark smoke could be seen over the Lebanese capital. By the evening most flames had been quenched, officials said.

Despite assurances from officials on Thursday that the situation was under control, some residents, still traumatized by last month’s explosion.

“I am forced to get them out of Beirut from the smoke and the fire that is happening at the port again,” Majed Hassanein, who was leaving with his wife and children, told Reuters news agency.

Port director Bassem al-Qaisi earlier told the Voice of Lebanon radio station that the fire started in a warehouse where barrels of cooking oil was being stored, and then spread to tyres nearby.

“It is too early to know if it is the result of heat or some other mistake,” he said.

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