Amidst Kangana-Maharashtra government row, Kangana’s office destroyed by the BMC

Amidst Kangana-Maharashtra government row, Kangana’s office destroyed by the BMC

Kangana Ranaut’s office in Mumbai was destroyed by the BMC, Mumbai. The BMC declared that her office had violated construction norms which led to the stringent action.

Actress Kangana Ranaut‘s office was destroyed on Wednesday 9th September. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had initiated the destruction of her property on grounds of illegal construction. A notice had been issued to her regarding the demolition. BMC alleges that structural violations were carried out by her and that if she doesn’t respond within 24 hours or take appropriate measures, the BMC would destroy the illegal structures of her office.

On Tuesday 8th September, the BMC had issued the notice to Ranaut quoting the illegal structural violations under section 354A of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MMC) Act, 1888. The BMC had ordered for a reply to the notice within 24 hours, as per the Act, failing to do so would result in stringent action.

Kangana with the help of her lawyer requested for at least 7 days to respond to the notice. But, the BMC did not listen and carried out the destruction on Wednesday. The BMC’s response to the demolition is that they weren’t pleased with the answer.

Section 354A of the MMC Act gives powers of stopping and initiating demolition of illegal constructions to BMC which takes place 24 hours after the issuing of the notice. The accused vendor will have to bear the expense. (Source: HT)

The BMC revealed 14 violations at Ranaut’s Pali Hill office. A toilet converted into an office cabin, a kitchen constructed in the storeroom, an illegal pantry on the ground floor, a wooden partition in the living room, a change in staircase orientation, balcony enclosure, change in position of the main gate among others were seen by the BMC. According to the BMC, “Any kind of structural change or deviation from the plan cleared by the civic body can lead to action.”

The demolition of illegal structures was done on Wednesday afternoon. The BMC further warned legal action will be taken. They would also charge a penalty despite Kangana has moved court against the action. This move also comes amidst the row between the actress and The Shiv Sena- Maharashtra’s ruling government. (Source: News18)

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