Kangana dares Maharashtra government on her allegations with drugs.

Kangana dares Maharashtra government on her allegations with drugs.

After an old interview of Kangana Ranaut’s ex-boyfriend surfaced on the internet, the Maharashtra government said that it would investigate the matter. Kangana was ready to cooperate and even challenged the government.

Maharashtra’s Home Minister Anil Deshmukh declared that a probe would be conducted on the allegations of actress Kangana Ranaut consuming illegal drugs. Right after the verdict, Kangana announced that she would happily work along with the Maharashtra government. Ranaut also agreed to appear for a drug test and have all of her call records monitored. This takes place soon after Kangana’s ex-boyfriend’s accusations.

An old interview of Kangana’s ex-boyfriend has surfaced onto the internet. In the said interview of the year 2016, he accused Kangana of asking him to indulge in drugs. “On her birthday in March 2008 at The Leela, she had invited everybody that she had worked with. She said ‘Let’s do cocaine in the night.’ I had smoked hash with her a couple of times before and didn’t like it so I said no. I remember getting into the biggest argument that night because I said no to cocaine.” He spoke out to DNA.

Home Minister Anil Deshmukh rolls out a response.

These series of events led to the Home Minister of Maharashtra Anil Deshmukh to roll out a response. In this, the home minister said that an investigation will be conducted on Kangana for the accusations of drugs. (Source: IndiaToday)

Tweeting a reply to the Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, Kangana Ranaut tweeted, “I am more than happy to oblige Mumbai Police. Anil Deshmukh, please do my drug tests, investigate my call records if you find any links to drug peddlers ever I will accept my mistake and leave Mumbai forever, looking forward to meeting you.” And concluded the tweet.

Adhyan however, did not want to be a part of the situation. He took to his twitter page and said, “Media channels frantically call me to talk to me please don’t call me if it is in regards to this matter I said what I had to in 2016 I have nothing else to say. I have had a huge struggle in regards to my work a dan finally I have seen a ray of hope.” (Source: HT)

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