Actress Sanjana Galraani Detained in Bengaluru Drugs Case

Actress Sanjana Galraani Detained in Bengaluru Drugs Case

Bengaluru: Sanjana Garlaani arrested by CCB police in the connection with drug racket in Sandalwood, allegedly dropped the name of people who are involved in this racket.

Sanjana is a multilingual actor who has acted in over 45 films, mostly in Kannada and Telugu. Earlier sources had said that two mobile phones were seized from her residence.

After the arrest of Ragini Dwivedi ,Sanjana Garlaani also arrested for sandalwood drug case. Ragini is the first celebrity who has been arrested in drug case. Ragini is also colleague of Sanjana Garlaani. Both actress has a connection with the Drug case.

She also claims her connection with the well-known politician while police were searching in her home. Meanwhile she called her lawyer after that she has been taken by police and questioned  by a senior police officer. She has taken to a state home for women. Where actress Ragini Dwivedi also stayed. She will be kept in custody for five days.

Many other accused in this case have been arrested such as  Rahul Tonse, Prashanth Ranka and Niyaz, high-profile party planner Viren Khanna Drug peddlers Loum Pepper Samba etc.

The police are still looking for Aditya Alva who is Vivek Oberoi’s brother-in-law. He also is named as the sixth accused of the case. Ragini Dwivedi’s long-time friend Shiva Prakash the chief defendant is yet under arrest.

Both Ragini Dwivedi, and Viren Khanna are now in police custody. Viren Khanna is the the party planner, who was arrested on Friday. Viren was arrested by the CCB in New Delhi.

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