Marijuana Served in some Temples of Northern Karnataka as Prasad

Marijuana Served in some Temples of Northern Karnataka as Prasad

Marijuana which is also known as the ‘Shiva Ji ka Prasad’ served as a Prasad in some temples of northern Karnataka.

In fact in an annual fare of Mouneshwara temple in Tinthini, Yadgir district, Marijuana is served in packets to devotees. This is also a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. This is known as a ‘blessed‘ Prasad in some temples.

The worshiper believes that this pure grass is playing a significant role to show the path of illumination and also enhance the knowledge of spirituality.

Due to drug, racket Karnataka police has been come out to find the drugs sellers in the city.

State Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai ordered a crackdown on drug supplies in cities and town in the southern part.

One of a devotee in Shorpur talk in Yadgir district who is regular devotee comes every day to take this ganja and said it is sacred and he also added that it is an agent which also interconnected with meditations.

One researcher Menakhshi Bale who is in Sharana community believes that people who are daily smokers in all these temples are not an addict of drugs.

All the devotee of Lord shiva  believes Marijuana is prasad from Lord Shiva.

One story is behind that once Lord Shiva was wandering in the forest he fall asleep. After getting up, he chewed the leaves of Marijuana and felt a high level of enlightenment then he took it regularly. He is also called the lord of Bhang.

Sharana, Aruda , Shaptha and devotees consume marijuana or ganja in various forms believing it helps to attain joy and spirituality.

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