Kerala At most Literacy Rate List, Andhra Vilest Performer

Kerala At most Literacy Rate List, Andhra Vilest Performer

New Delhi: With 96.2 per cent literacy, Kerala has once again arisen as the most well-read state in the country, while Andhra Pradesh featured at the lowest with a rate of 66.4 per cent as per the report based on National Statistical Office (NSO) survey.

According to the study:

  • Kerala has the best literary rate of 96.2%
  • Delhi is on the second level of literacy rate of 88.7 %
  • Uttarakhand- literacy rate of 87.6%
  • Himachal Pradesh’s literacy rate of 86.6 %
  • Assam’s at literacy rate of 85.9 %

The report on ”Household Social Consumption: Education in India as part of 75th round of National Sample Survey from July 2017 to June 2018” delivers for the state-wise fact of literacy rate among the persons aged seven years and above.

Contrariwise Rajasthan is the second-worst performer with a low literacy rate:

  • Rajasthan is a second-worst performer with literacy rate – 69.7%
  • Bihar’s literacy rate – 70.9 %
  • Telangana’s literacy rate – 72.8 %
  • Uttar Pradesh’s literacy rate – 73 %
  • Madhya Pradesh’s literacy rate – 73.7%

The male literacy rate is higher at 84.7 %compared to 70.3 % among women All over India level.

The survey presented that the male literacy rate is advanced than female literacy rate among all the states in India.

 In Kerala:

  • The male literacy rate is 97.4%
  • Female literacy rate is 95.2%

In Delhi:

  • Male literacy rate is 93.7%
  • Female literacy rate is 82.4%

Even in the wickedest-performing states, there was a substantial gap in male and female literacy rate.

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