Missing Indians from the disputed region of Arunachal , CHINA ACCUSED

Missing Indians from the disputed region of Arunachal , CHINA ACCUSED

On Saturday, China was accused by the Indian army of holding five civilians from Arunachal Pradesh in their custody. China on Monday, then goes ahead to disregard India’s concerns. The civilians are yet missing.

On Monday China disregarded India’s agitation regarding the missing of Five civilians from Arunachal Pradesh. China said that Beijing has never recognised the state which it alleges is part of south Tibet.

The Indian Army had on Saturday contacted the Chinese Army regarding the five missing civilians from Arunachal Pradesh. They were busy as guides and porters by the Indian army in the Upper Subansiri district on the Sino-India border. China and India have been in constant clashes since June.

The Indian army during the weekend had questioned China whether the PLA(People’s Liberation Army)had the reportedly missing civilians in their custody.

“China’s position on the eastern section of the China and India boundary and China’s southern Tibet is consistent and clear. We have never recognised the so-called Arunachal Pradesh illegally established on the Chinese territory.” Announced Zhao Lijian, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, on Monday at the regular ministry briefing. “Regarding the specifics, you mentioned I am not aware of it now,” He said in response to the missing civilians.

Those allegedly missing and held in custody by PLA, have been identified. Toch Singkam, Prasat Ringling, Dongtu Ebiya, Tanu Baker and Ngaru Diri are the names of the missing civilians. According to reports, All of them were hunting in Jungle from where they were kidnapped by the PLA.

Indian Army spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Harsh Wardhan Pande revealed to Reuters, “We spoke with them on the hotline and told them that it’s suspected that some people have crossed across to your side and we will be grateful if you could hand them over back, as per what we do normally.”

“There is no earmarked line going through the forest or the mountains, so they keep moving here and there. So they might have gone there. It’s a very normal thing,” he said. He also added a response from China is yet awaited.

Strategic Relations between both India and China have hitting all time lows. The drop in amicability happened in June after the Ladakh Disputes. 20 Indian Troops were martyred while an unknown number of troops were killed from China. As a Result, Both nations have since then tightened up security and a dire eye on the disputed border which measure up to 3,488 km. (Source: HindustanTimes)

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