82-year-old COVID-19 infected Mother heartlessy abandoned by sons

82-year-old COVID-19 infected Mother heartlessy abandoned by sons

The Woman was tested postive for COVID-19 which led to her being ditched by her sons in fear of them contracting the virus. The woman who was left near an agricultural well had no food and was left with a Coronavirus kit.

As COVID-19 cases are on a constant rise in India, A shocking incident took place on Saturday. An 82-year-old woman had tested positive for the virus and was unfortunately abandoned by her four sons during this time in Warangal, Telangana. The woman by the name of Lacchamma has four sons and a daughter. She requires a walker to move around and travel. Eyewitnesses found her near an well used for agriculture in Peechara village of Veleru Mandal.

Prior to test, she had developed symptoms of the virus. Once she was tested, it was revealed that she was in fact infected with the virus. Her sons petrified of her passing the virus to them, abandoned her. She was taken and abandoned near the same agricultural well on Saturday. The old woman developed symptoms of coronavirus and later she was found infected with the virus. Fearing the spread, her four sons abandoned her near the well on Saturday. She was left with only a Coronavirus kit. (Source: IndiaToday)

Her daughter, who seemed to live away from the rest of the family once heard about the incident, rushed back to the village to find her mother. The ghastly act committed by her siblings led her to rush and take care of her poorly mother. She stayed with the mother the whole night before taking her to a better place to take care of her. However, villagers are afraid of the fact that the woman must’ve spread the virus in the nearby areas.

Telangana reported 1,802 new coronavirus cases and 9 deaths in the past 24 hours of Monday. Total cases in the state have rose up to 1,42,771.

895 people have succumbed to the virus till date. Telangana had 31,635 active cases till Monday. (Source: TheHansIndia)

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