LGBTQ still battling for equality after the 2 years of Article 377

LGBTQ still battling for equality after the 2 years of Article 377

The Supreme Court of India legitimized homosexuality by construing of Article 377 on 6 September 2018. Two years have passed since this historic verdict.

Queer community has come for their struggle for equality nation-wide.

There’s so much work still to be done:

  • Anti-discrimination law and greater acceptance of queer individuals who live outside of cities.
  • Marriage equality may be a progressive step for the community.

The LGBTQ movement in India is currently city-centric. The community of LGBT which is living in small-town and villages have been facing several issues related to their identity.

  • Isolation
  • Suicide
  • Damaging Images
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Unemployment
  • Mental distress

They are stared by other community awkwardly and felt a sense of guilt which is very harmful to their mental health.

The group of LGBTQ who is living in the city getting several advantages and support system.

The colours of gay pride splash across India's financial capital—including  an iconic monument | BusinessInsider India

Organizing seminars and another social gathering platform can play a significant role to help each other and resolve all issues.

These platforms can serve a crucial role to allow individuals to flourish, grow and explore and empowered.

Who accept their identity they face numerous opposition from:

  • Society
  • Community
  • Religion

For fighting these glitches the community must come together so that they can empower each other and create safe spaces. Safe spaces are a requirement for those who are facing rejection or violence from families and the community as well.

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