Slums along railway tracks in Delhi to be uprooted without any interference : SC

Slums along railway tracks in Delhi to be uprooted without any interference : SC

On Thursday, 3rd September, The Supreme Court had ordered for the removal of slum clusters in Delhi. About 48,000 slum clusters within safety zones set along railway tracks will be uprooted within three months.

The Bench was led by Justice Arun Mishra, who retired on Wednesday. The SC announced, “no interference, political or otherwise, should be there against their removal.” “Any order of interim stay passed by any court against the removal of these encroachments shall be deemed ineffective.”

Stakeholders were also directed by the SC to devise a plan for the removal of the slum clusters. The plan will be created and executed in a phased manner. A Railway affidavit said that there is a “predominant presence” of slum clusters along 140 km of the railway tracks in Delhi.

The Court on 31st August declared, “Out of this, about 70 km route length of the track is affected by large jhuggie jhopri clusters(slum clusters) existing in close vicinity of the tracks. These clusters sum up to a total of about 48,000 numbers of jhuggies in the region adjacent to railway tracks.”

The court also ordered for the removal of all the plastic, rubbish, paper, etc. by the Railways and local authorities. All the waste should be cleaned off, which previously flanked the railway tracks within three months. Railways bear 70% of the expenses and the rest will be given by the Delhi government, the SC ordered.

“The manpower is to be provided by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), Railways and agencies available with the government, free of cost. They will not charge it from each other. SDMC, Railways and other agencies should ensure that their contractors do not put the waste/garbage on the sides of the railway tracks,” the court declared.

The court declared that the EPCA report and the reply filed by the Railways pointed out that, “nothing has been done so far and waste is being piled up”. “At the same time, there is human habitation, which has come in the same area unauthorisedly, which are required to be taken care of,” the SC added.

The hearing was done on a report filed by the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA), which accused the Railways isn’t following the Solid Waste Management Rules. (Source: HindustanTimes)

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