News Channels broadcast fake Images of Chinese Army Cemetary: referring Galwan dead.

News Channels broadcast fake Images of Chinese Army Cemetary: referring Galwan dead.

Two renowned media groups broadcasted the Old Images of Chinese Army Cemetary as the Graves of 40 PLA Soldiers who had died in the hands of Indian Army at Galwan.

The Galwan Valley clash on June 15 led to the death of 20 Indian Soldiers. The total Casualties on the Chinese side are yet to be disclosed because the Chinese government is giving rise to misinformation. The rumors say that there are some 5 to 100 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers who died.

Aaj Tak’ claimed that they have obtained ‘exclusive’ images that prove “40 PLA soldiers” were killed in the cross-border skirmish. Anchor Rohit Sardana said,“We are showing you pictures of the graves of Chinese soldiers. Several people in the country wanted proof of the Chinese soldiers who were killed in Galwan clashes. The proof is on your television screens…more than 40 Chinese soldiers died in clashes with India and you can watch how Chinese soldiers paid respect to their tombs.”

India Today, Aajtak’s English Counterpart also broadcasted the same news. Anchor Nabila Jamal claimed, “China soldiers who died in Galwan clash buried at Kangxiwa war memorial. Pictures of that show graves being visited by PLA soldiers…proof of Chinas massive Galwan casualties.”

Times Now, on the other hand, claimed, “Photos of 106 PLA tombstones reveal [the] extent of Chinese casualties in June 15 Galwan clash.” The channel further wrote in a tweet, “PM Modi was right about Galwan grit, pro-China lobby ‘doubted’ India.”

Not only them ABP and NewsX also broadcasted the same show claiming over 30 graves of Chinese Soldiers who died in Galwan clashes were discovered.

However, the Images which were being broadcasted on all these News channels are actually of Chinese military cemetery in Kangxiwa town that contains graves of PLA soldiers martyred in the 1962 Indian-Sino war.

While Aaj Tak said openly about the death of 40 Chinese soldiers India Today didn’t make any claim about the death toll but broadcasted the image as “proof of massive casualty”.

A defence expert invited on the show, however, said these graves have been present at least since December 2019 and some new graves have recently cropped up.

Journalist Sushant Sinha tweeted pictures of Kangxiwa war memorial as graves of Chinese martyrs in the Galwan clashes.

Alt News found that the Google Earth photo aired by India Today dates back to 2011. As per a report by The Wire as well, there are 105 graves (43 on the left and 62 on the right) in this imagery.

Thus, India Today and Aaj Tak used an image which was a satellite image of 2011 as the graves of Galwan dead. Alt News found that at least three new graves were built on the site post-2011. Another picture of a grave that appears to have been recently built is floating online. However, there are no confirmed details of this grave.

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