Daniel Prude died of asphyxiation, 7 Police Officers suspended

Daniel Prude died of asphyxiation, 7 Police Officers suspended

“Mr. (Daniel) Prude lost his life in our city. He lost his life because of the actions of our police officers,” Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said Thursday in a news conference.

The Seven Officers involved in Daniel Prude’s death in Rochester, the New York state have been suspended, announced the city’s Mayor.

The Black man died of asphyxiation after Police men used Spit hood on him.

Daniel Prude was 41 years old and had Mental health issues. His family recently released a police bodycam video where it is clearly visible that Police covered the head of the man with Spit hood and held him on the ground in a prone position and he stopped breathing in a while.

On March 23, His brother Joe called the police because Daniel was having mental health issues.”I placed a phone call for my brother to get help, not for my brother to get lynched,” he said.

Daniel Prude was a warehouse worker from Chicago and father of five, He was visiting his brother at time of his death.

The Police Body camera that was obtained by the family shows that Daniel was running on the streets in light snow and police arrived.He was lying unarmed as Officer restrained him on the ground.

They covered his face with a Spit hood as he told the officers that he is COVID positive. A few minutes later, EMTs arrived and begin to perform chest compressions, the video shows. He is then placed on a gurney and into an ambulance. When Prude arrived at the hospital, he was brain dead, his brother said. He died a week later.

Me.Prude died on March 30,2020 when he was taken off the life support.

Family’s lawyer informed that they couldn’t make the case public earlier because it had taken “months” for police footage to be released.

The Mayor told reporters on Thursday that she had been misled by the city’s police chief, who she said led her to believe the man died in police custody of an overdose. She saw the body camera footage for the first time nearly a month ago, Warren said.

Prude was failed by many officials before and during the March 23 incident, the mayor said. He would have been treated different if he was White, she said.

“Institutional structural racism led to Daniel Prude’s death. I won’t deny it. I stand before it and I call for justice upon it,” Warren said.

Notably, This incident took place two months before George Floyd’s death in similar circumstances.

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