Bengaluru Company, Wakefit hiring for sleep internship, 1 lakh stipend.

Bengaluru Company, Wakefit hiring for sleep internship, 1 lakh stipend.

We all love to sleep, every morning we steal 10 extra minutes .Think about a job which will pay you for it ? Yes it can be true.  Bengaluru based company Wakefit has brought an offer for employees to get paid for sleep. The person will be paid Rs 1 lakh to sleep nine hours a night. 

Simba has partnered with Airtasker to find their new elite ‘dream team’ .As a part of research projects , they are experimenting with the variables which impact our sleep. It is a research project which is going to find variables and their correlation with sleep.

Three candidates will be chosen for a month-long ‘sleeps-experience’ where each person will be given a brand new Simba Mattress to call their own, as well as a Fitbit Versa to track their sleep activity.

Company is finding candidates who are not spending more time on social media and do not stay up late. Wakefit advised loud snorers to stay away.

According to the company’s website, ideal candidates are “those who can thrive in a slow paced environment, conceptualize and deliver effective strategies on how to get themselves and their team members to sleep deeper and longer.”

For Americans, everyday expenses are what keep them up at night. In one study, 32% of American sleepers reported losing sleep just trying to make ends meet, while nearly a quarter said saving money for retirement and health care or insurance bills inhibited them from sleeping.

Preferred qualifications include having the ability to obey the strict guidelines of consumption of caffeinated beverages. The company is specifically searching for someone who likes chamomile. All these limitations have been set to get crystal clear result and natural pattern of human sleep.

This is not the first time they have released the vacancies for sleeping interns.

Last time, around 1.7 lakh people registered for this internship and out of which, 23 applicants were selected – 21 were Indians and two foreigners.

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